Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Together - ensemble - Mural Unveiling in Legal

On Friday, June 24th, Centralta Tourism Society along with Heritage Canada and the town of Legal, unveiled the newest mural in the town. This was painted by airbrush artist John Ellenberger. His website can be viewed here: http://littlejohnsairbrushart.ca

Below is a video of the unveiling the mural John Ellenberger created:

Here is an image of the mural once it was all constructed together, really a site to behold.

Please keep checking this blog for future mural updates!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Centralta Jubilee Tours 2011

This post is to spread the word on the upcoming mural tours in Legal, Morinville and St. Albert.
Below is the brochure for contact and mural information.
Web Version:
Print Version:

Any other questions regarding the tours can be found in our FAQ:
View FAQ

Monday, June 8, 2020

Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Centralta Jubilee Tours! To find out more information about the tours, and how to book one today, please view the information below.

1ContactPhone 780 460 1034.   
Web page registration: t-centralta.ca
e-mail : centraltatourism@gmail.com
2Transport availableAutobus Frechette offer a very competitive rate for tours to Legal.  780 265-3665  Speak to Andrea
3Cost of a tourFlat $100 for the tour with tour guide.
4Length of tourWe recommend a 1.5 to 2 hr tour.  This would cover about half of the murals but longer is too long for most elders groups.
5Number of Murals35 to date in Legal and 13 visual arts in Morinville with a Museum also present.  Legal also has 25 historical paintings inside their Cultural Center.
6Directions40 km North of St-Albert on hiway 2
7Theme of muralsFrancophone contribution to area but francophone history similar to all pioneer groups
8RestaurantsThere are 4 restaurants in Legal with 2 which can easily receive groups.  Groups contact restaurants directly.
9WashroomsCommunity Cultural Center has excellent washroom facilities.  Wheelchair accessible.
10Cancellation of toursRebooking is acceptable due to weather at no charge.  Otherwise we require 72 hours notice.
11Deposit$50.00 deposit. Mail to Centralta Tourism Society, 13 Mission Ave, St-Albert. T8N 1H6. Balance paid on arrival.
12OtherThe coordinators are invited to give the CTS an evaluation of the tour.
13Week-end toursTours are available on week-ends.
14Tour times. Reserved group tours are available at 10 am and 2:00 pm.  There are no guarantees of a tour guide unless reservations are made.
15LanguagesTours can be in English or French.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Centralta Murals Project - St. Albert, Morinville, Legal

This project documents the colorful artistic history of the St. Albert, Morinville and Legal communities as expressed through their murals.

Visit the project's page here, and admire Alberta's rich painted history!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Centralta Tourism Society Jobs 2013

All for the Jobs below except the last one are for post-secondary students.  

St-Albert: Translation Coordinator: Student will translate historical stories on the people of Alberta from French to English and English to French. These stories, deriving from the Francophone communities of Alberta, will be tied to the School curriculum. They will also highlight values such as determination, hospitality, cooperation, and respect.

Internet-Web Page Coordinator: Student shall update the Webpage with the new information of the murals, enter the stories on our blog site and help locate information for the research people.

Publishing Coordinator: Shall gather the stories written and assist in getting the material ready for
publishing. This will include lay out, adding pictures, graphics, and editing. This will be done for a book in French and in English. Thus being proficient in English would be an asset.

Historical Research Assistant: Shall research the cooperative efforts between THE British the Canadians and first Nations during the wars of 1812-1814. The information would be presented in anecdotal formatto coincide with the Alberta School curriculum.

Historical Research Assistant (High School): Shall interview local seniors to hear their stories and transfer them to print so that they coordinate with the Alberta School curriculum. This may include stories from Francophones from Plamondon and Bonnyville.

See FACTSnet Summer Jobs 2013 for more jobs and more information (for the above jobs you need to be eligibility for Çanada Summer Jobs)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Alberta Projects Summer 2011

One of our summer students worked on several projects including:
  1. Video Interviews with Mr. Fowler, former mayor of St. Albert.
  2. Research and development for the ESSMY mural project.
Below are edited excerpts from her summary of what she did:

This summer I worked for Centralta Tourism Society in St.Albert.... The first project I worked on was the Sainte Marguerite d'Youville / Grey Nuns Mural project with ESSMY school in St.Albert I researched and found information on both. I created a Grey Nuns Blog and worked with the school on providing direction for the mural by finding resources and pictures to use in the mural. I also worked at recruiting students to be involved this was successful and I set up alot of the groundwork so that this project can start in the fall of this year. Then I worked on reading stories and writing up Questions and Answers for the Grades that the stories applied to.  This took a lot of time. I did presentations to Grade 8 students...   I attended many meetings, worked on PAC blog and getting my Tech assistants to  do research for me...  I  have done alot of networking with the Schools in St.Albert by volunteering and contacting the schools.  For example, I worked with students and staff from Fowler school and did a video interview with Mr. Fowler, for whom the school is named.  I have also been working on reading The End of Religion for the Faith in Action Blog I hope to get this read by the end of the summer.

I only had a 6 week position with 240 hours making it difficult to get work done...  The most difficult aspect of the Job is working on things I'm not passionate about and working with others, who don't communicate or get their work done well or when I need it done and waiting on others in order to get my work done. I enjoyed the mural project and working on it with ESSMY. I did not enjoy the big group work meetings, as it did not help me do my Job better as I had learned most of what was covered last year or it did not apply to me.  The only things I learned at the big group meetings is what others had accomplished.   I enjoyed the repetitive activities the least, as I found them boring and not where my passion or interest was.  I enjoyed working on the... Grey Nuns blog as it was more interesting, as I got to work with others and I can see where the blog was going and how it will be used and how what I did impacted others. The Questions and Answers and summary of stories I did not see how what I did would impact and get others involved, in the future, as people don't want paper copies anymore they want Internet sites, videos and pictures.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

150th Links

There is also a St. Albert Parish 150th anniversary Mass on the hill. More information about it can be found at this link.

St. Albert Catholic School Board Website


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